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Completed Projects

As concrete foundation specialists in Simcoe County, we have worked with numerous homeowners, contractors, and commercial property owners. Take a look at our gallery of photos to see the work we have done. Call us if you have any questions or would like a free quote on our services.


Setup of wall formwork during the winter season for the commercial superstructure.

Commercial foundation wall ready for the superstructure.

Commercial superstructure installed onto SCF’s foundation.


Concrete placement into footing formwork.

Freshly built footings with weeping tile installed and stone cover.

Foundation wall formwork placement onto new footings.

Newly built residential wall foundations.

Freshly poured foundation footing.

Weeping tile installation around the footing.

Stone placement under future basement slab using a stone slinger.

Waterproofed (spray) and damp-proofed (dibble board) – inspection ready foundation.

Wall formwork with steps to suit grade plan.

Wall formwork with steps to suit grade plan.

Foundation wall formwork ready for pouring.

Freshly poured wall with anchors in place to position 2”x6” sill plate.

Concrete placement into wall formwork.

Concrete wall with brick ledge provision.

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